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In the Guinness Book of World Records the largest dog that was ever recorded was in 1989 who was named Aicama Zorba of La-Susa was an eight foot and three inches and weighing in at over 343 pound English Mastiff.

Aicama Zorba of La-Susa
Aicama Zorba of La-Susa

Zorbra was from London, England is no longer in the Guinness Book due her death but there has never been another one to take her place yet. Now that is a big dog I wounder if this is where they got the ideal for Clifford the Big red dog for children?


Well we have the largest dog so how about the smallest dog now.
This little thing only measures in at 6 inches that is from his tail to his nose. It is a chihuahua. Can you just think how small it would look against Zorbra?

Click on the picture and read how big this little girl is.

I think these types of breeds well all Chihuahua’s really looks like rats for some reason and are most of the time mean. If they had the size to back up their meanness they would be the meanness dogs in the world.

Have you ever heard the saying of you can blow out of your butt?
Well it happens that there are animals that really do this.
I know it sounds funny but turtles, sea cucumbers dragonfly nymphs really do breath from their butts. So I wounder where their lungs are!?!

If you have a female ferret here is a real good thing to know.
If your female ferret goes into heat and you do not let her bred she WILL die. That is one I did not know. Looks like you are better off with a male.

How long can a camel go. Water is a part of every thing on earth but a camel can go for two weeks to a month with out drinking water. Due to the fatty hump and heavy fur they do not sweat which a big cause of dehydration in mammals and their body temp does not fluctuate like ours does.
It has been known that a camel can drink with in ten minutes 1/3rd of their body weight which will restore the water in their body very fast.

poisonous arrow frog
poisonous arrow frog

There are many poisonous animals in the world but the most poisonous animal is a frog. That’s right the arrow frog from South and Central America is the most poisonous animal. these critters comes in all different colors and are very pretty really.

blue poisonous arrow frog
blue poisonous arrow frog

Carnivorous are meat eaters and some of the truest carnivorous are snakes because most of them only eat other animals and no plants of any kind.

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