An old friend’s Spirt That Stays With Me

Hi there! I believe in ghosts 100%, well I should because I live with one!

The first time I suspected that their was a ghost in my house was that there was these weird markings on the wall. I just woke up early in the morning and as I was walking down the stairs at the corner of my eye these weird white markings as if someone has been scratching at the wall. “Mum, what are these?” I asked. My mum just blamed it on me and grounded me! Everyday I saw them, more and more markings appeared.

A few months later, words appeared. Random words. F M B L. Was this a code? I wrote the letters down and thought all night, suddenly the table was wobbling I was so scared, I ran upstairs and noticed that the words changed again. “B M F L” I gasped.. B M F L – Best Mates For Life.

I was so shocked that I started crying. “Cat?” I asked.

Cat was my old best friend, who died last year. Maybe, at the funeral, her spirit followed me. Why though? Why me? Did she hate me so much that she haunted me?

No, it wasn’t possible. Still now, I see markings, words, scratches. I decided to end this and figure out this mystery

I took pictures, all over the house. Then, I plucked up the courage and took a picture of the wall. “Oh my god..” The picture was the wall, but in the corner, a bright white color was their, in shape of a head. I shivered. Every night, every time I walk past the wall, my whole body gets covered in goosebumps, then one horrible night, I walked into my bedroom then slam! the door slammed shut. I started too sweat. “oh god, what’s happening?” I managed too spit out. I couldn’t move. I felt as if someone was wrapping their arms around my legs. I cried so much. As soon as I could move I went straight too bed. Then, late in the night, it happened again. oh please not again I shouted inside my head.

After that night I’ve been haunted by books flying across the room, hearing feet running up and down the hallway. Every night, I hear the same thing. But still, its nice too know that cat has been with me all these years.

Written By Jack 2010 all rights reserved

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