An autopsy said Jackson Telnas died of drowning

Posted by Roses on June 23, 2015
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canada goose black friday sale Our Mom is all sorts of AMAZING. She’s also very selfless Lady. We want her to know how much we love her so much. Sheriff deputies found the boy and his 7 year old brother unresponsive in a full irrigation canal near a cornfield. An autopsy said Jackson Telnas died of drowning, and officials said the younger boy is hospitalized in critical condition but didn detail what injuries he suffered.Sherri Renee Telnas, 45, was arrested in her rural home near Porterville, about 270 miles (435 kilometers) south of San Francisco. She was soaking wet as she carried the boy, then 10 months, into a hospital said she had tried to drown him because thoughts or voices told her to do it, Mineral County, Montana, Sheriff Mike Boone said in a statement.She pleaded no contest to two counts of canada goose outlet felony criminal endangerment and was sentenced in 2009 to the custody of Montana health officials for 10 years because of a history of mental illness, Boone said canada goose black friday sale.


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