A Trial of a Werewolf on Record

If you are any thing like I am,  I like to find out where things such as the vampires and werewolves came from. Like trials and sightings and where the first stories came from.

I have been researching this,  and here are some things that I have found out about the first Werewolf.

Are they real? If not then why did people start this rumor?   Was it just like the stories that you tell your kids about the Boogyman just to scare them? Lets take a closer look at this and you be the judge.

Now we all know what a werewolf is,  right?
Well,  just in case you are unsure, it is a Human wolf.
A human who takes on a transformation of a wolf much larger then your common wolf and stands up right like a man… but with running speed like no human on the face of this Earth.   It is much stronger then any human or wolf.

This is a sighting and a recorded trial of what is thought to be a Werewolf.

In the middle ages from 15th to the 17th century:
Europe seemed to be under what some called the “dark shadow of ignorance” due to all of the superstition that many people believed.
At this time in European people lived right near the woods due to the fact that towns were still underdeveloped.

There was so much fear amongst these people at this time due to wolves. They described it like a night mare. These wolves were always attacking,  and these attacks became more and more frequent and atrocious in the areas that the people were living in.   It was becoming such  a problem that people were terrified to even travel from place to place because they were scared that they would met their fate as many others had.   So many people had reported,  that every morning they would find half eaten human parts just scattered all over their land.

In 1591 German towns Cologne  and Bedburg were the first recorded sighting of what was said to be a werewolf.
Written on an aged old Pamphlet is written that a few of the towns people cornered a very large wolf. They sicked their dogs on it and then started piercing and gouging at it with sharp sticks and spears.

But to their surprise,  this creature never tried to defend itself at all although it was ferocious enough to do so.   Instead,  right before the towns peoples eyes, stood upright like a man and transformed into a man that was middle aged and was from the same village as the people who was trying to kill him.

The name given was Peter Stubbe.

Mr.Stubbe was made to confess to 16 murders, 13 which were children and two women that were pregnant by being placed on the torture wheel.
He also told of the history of how this happened to him which was very bizarre.

He told that at the age of 12 he started to practice sorcery and he got so obsessed with this that he claimed that he tried to make a pact with the Devil Himself.

He also claimed that he wore a magic girdle and while wearing this he began his attacks on his enemies whether is they were real or fake.

This went on for several months then he began to take a disguise of a wolf so he could keep his attacks going with more force and brutality and not be noticed.

As the wolf disguise he would take and rip his victims to shreds, ripping out their throats and draining them of their blood.

His thirst for blood became uncontrollable so he would roam the fields looking for prey to feed upon.

The crimes that Stubbed had committed was beyond allot of the people’s imagination.

The record of the trial mention a few of the acts that Stubbe had done.

One of these acts involved two men and a woman.
They were walking along side the road which trailed through the forest in which was the forest that Stubbe hid in often.
Stubbe had called for one of the men to come to him. After a short period of time of the man not returning,  the second man decided to follow his trail to see if there was a problem.   After both never returned the woman ran as fast as she could,  fleeing for her life.

Later on there were two mangled up bodies found in this forest that were thought to be the two men.   The  body of the woman was never found.   He may have eaten her entirely.

Also recorded was that he liked to prey upon little girls,  the best who may have been playing in the fields or doing choirs. He would chase them and catch the slowest one first and would rape her and then slowly drink her blood and eat her flesh.
But the saddest and gruesome one that is on record was how he did his own son.

He  and his son went out to the nearby forest and then he cracked open his own son’s  skull and fed on his brains until he had eaten them all.

Now,  as for the punishment… there was no punishment that could even match to what Stubbe had done.
The flesh from his body was pulled slowly off using a red hot pincher, his legs and arms were broken following that he was soon decapitated then burnt till nothing but ashes were left of him.

Built in the town was a grim monument by The Magistrate of Bedburg for a remembrance of the poor souls that lost their lives to Mr. Stubbe.
The workmen place Stubbe’s head, which resembled a wolf’s structure, on top of the torture wheel on a tall pole.

Sixteen pieces of a yard long of wood cuts were hung from the rim of the torture wheel commemorating the innocent lives that were lost.

Of course news of Stubb’s trial spread across the lands quickly,  and the people could not comprehend what had been done and the brutality that was used.   Every one soon related the actions and behaviors with that of a wolf.
It was started to be believed by the people that individuals were hiding behind the shadows of the wolves were among them.   So these people were being called Werewolves.

Now as for this story that is to be a true account of a werewolf…it does  make some wonder.

Could this have been a man that really did change into a wolf?   Or,  by wearing a  magical girdle?  Or was it just a man who was full of evil and used wolves skins and pretended to be one of them,  hoping that he would never be caught in his acts?

The truth is that we will never know.

Tales of these things are all over the world,  so it is not just in one area… it is everywhere.

Now after reading this what do you all think?

Feel free to leave your own reply s and opinions on this.

Written By T.L. Slone 11-06-2009

3 thoughts on “A Trial of a Werewolf on Record”

  1. This is a really good article…I don’t know what to think about werewolves to tell you the truth. I believe that we don’t know what all is out there..and this Peter Stubbe could very well have been simply a very evil human being who used people’s fear of the unknown against them.

    I really enjoyed reading this…thanks for posting it!

  2. A very cool story,I dont know what to think about this,it could of been a very wicked man who dressed as a wolf to commit murder and rape but if that is true why do we have many accounts of werewolves from all over the world ?
    I guess I’ll have to look into this more,thankyou for posting.

  3. Something Secret This Way Comes looks like a great read! Reminds me of Buffy (granted, everything renimds me of Buffy– I’m a fanatic), and the cover model even looks a little like Sarah Michelle Gellar.Love the trailer for Raised by Wolves! The song sounds very familiar, but I can’t quite place it…

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