A Hotel Haunting Or So I Think

It was a school trip and we all had to stay in a hotel. We were all so excited. We only spent one night there, but the night felt like 3 nights.

“Come on children, off too bed!” the teacher yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Then, in the middle of the night, “Help!” I heard screaming and crying. “What the in the world was that?” me and my friend, Jordan, stepped outside of our room, nearly the whole year was outside, all crying. The teacher came up and told us to get back to bed. then again, we heard tapping on the doors and windows. But the weird thing was, all the doors were acting weird, opening then shutting. I starting screaming. Then the windows were tapping and then my friends bed sheet got pulled off. “What the..?” He yelled then I passed out. I woke up, walked into the dining area. Everyone was there. All stained with tears and bags under their eyes. I sat down with my friends. “What was going on last night?” “I don’t know, but I’m sure our room had the worst.” My best friend, Rebecca said ” We heard banging on our walls, and the radiator was making weird noises, as if someone was tapping on it with a pen or something and we had a bookshelf in our room. And all the books fell down. We were going to sleep in the hall way.”

Ever since, (3 years ago) I have been fascinated in ghosts and been reading books about them, visiting haunted houses. Even when I do pee myself with fear when I visit a haunted house, its still so much fun!

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One thought on “A Hotel Haunting Or So I Think”

  1. i do believe in demons as i have one who has followed me since i was born, his name is ballh, evil creature who punishes me for everything, im torchered and beaten while sleeping from him, zo zo is a demon never worth messing with as ballh as spoken to me many times, my life has been bound to hell since i was a kid, there is nothing i am able to do with him to make him go away, im stuck with him. when he speaks he tells me my body is his sanctum, that im never gonna see the my lord, ballh is a terrible thing to me but i know the games they play and know what they want, i know more than most should know because hes apart of me. . . ballh isn’t someone i want anyone to be around so i keep myself away from many and try so hard not to get close because he destroys there lives as well as mine, ballh is a menous, but tolerable, never let the demon be a friend, because it never turns out well for those[]

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