What would It Be Like To meet Jesus Face To Face.

Posted by Roses on May 8, 2012
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Have you ever wondered what it would’ve been like to meet Jesus, face-to-face? I’ve always had an endless fascination for our Lord in his human form, especially in regard to his eyes. What color would they have been? Since He was a Jew from an arid climate, they probably would’ve been brown, but we can’t know for sure. Maybe they were as blue as an October sky or the clear green of emeralds. Maybe they had gold flecks in the iris or were a cool grey, rimmed with lustrous, black lashes.

I’ve always heard it said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Can you imagine what it would have been like to gaze into the eyes of a man with a soul utterly free of the taint of sin, a soul so pure and unblemished as to have never known a single flicker of remorse, regret, guilt, or second thought? Can you imagine seeing in that gaze, the wisdom of the ages, the knowledge of Creation, the memory of heaven? Can …

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The Exciting Days With A Smile

Posted by Roses on May 4, 2012
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Soon The Sun will Rise
This causes me to ponder on whether there will be sun shine or rain droplets
To fall on my head on my way to work
Wonder if I will need a jacket perhaps a umbrella or maybe shorts and a tank top
What shall I hear today,
Someone suffering from allergies, birds singing, dogs barking some one in stress
What ever this day has in stored for me
I shall face it
With a smile and the correct clothing’s upon my body
To face the wonders of the day
Life is much more exciting
Not knowing what to expect from the weather or what I will see or hear
Face each day with a smile and you shall get more out of life.


written by Anna M Hall…

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Word Of Advice About Love

Posted by Roses on May 3, 2012
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Never marry At A Young Age

I was inspired to write this from some thing that I read that happen between a man and a woman and it made me cry and made me so angry at the same time so I decided to write this in hopes that it may help others before they make the same kind of mistake.

Never get married at a young age. Make sure that you really love the person before you marry them. Don’t just say you love them just to keep them close. Don’t fill the person who loves you with big dreams, hope and lies while you are going around behind their back doing bad deeds and then telling the person who loves you so much that you love them when in truth you don’t. If you did love them you would not be going behind their backs in the first place cheating on them.

Don’t hurt them just because you can. Don’t lead them on because some time or other they wont take you back

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Angels Sent You To Me

Posted by Roses on May 2, 2012
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There I stood
On the sand of the shore line
All alone

Love was no where in my mind
Love from me had came and gone
So many times
That I had given up on love
Ever being in my life ever again

Minding my own
I looked up
And there you stood
Just as if the Angels had
Sent you down just for me

Your eyes so blue
Your Smile so sweet
The Warmth of your touch
Felt like a warm fleece blanket
Wrapped around me

The moment I saw you
I knew that love was
Here to stay for me
It was meant for me
I was always looking down
Instead of looking up

You came to Me
On the wings of angels
You saved me from many things
But None the less you gave me some thing that
No money or any thing
In this world could ever Give me
You gave ME True And ever Lasting LOVE.

This is for my wonderful husband who has always been there for me through

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The Golden Ring

Posted by Roses on May 1, 2012
Categories: Dark And Gloomy Poems
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The ring that sets upon our fingers
Once resembled our love
We had for each other
But now it just sets there upon our hands to adorn them
The rings are dull in color and scared just as our love is
And has been for a long time
They remind us of what was once there in our hearts
That died long ago.


written by Tasha Slone 2012…

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