Illuminati History and Basics

Posted by Roses on February 29, 2012


The very word brings to mind images of conspiracy theorists ranting about a New World Order and world leaders having secret meetings and rituals to decide what events are going to take place. Some of it sounds too incredulous to believe, but what if that’s what ‘they’ are counting on? Could there be truth in some of what the theorists are saying and there truly is a plan in place to enact a one world government? Or is the real truth about it all so deeply buried and protected that no one, not even the theorists, have any hope of truly uncovering the real facts?

Adam Weishaupt

First let’s look at some of the documented history of the organization itself. Some say that it actually all goes back to the beginning of time, but in truth, the actual terminology came into existence during the 18th century in Upper Bavaria. It originally began in May of 1776 as a five member group headed by a man named Adam Weishaupt, a professor at the University of …

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Atlas The Bearer of the Heavens and Mother Earth

Posted by Roses on February 26, 2012

In West Yorkshire Uk The St Pauls St Leeds building has a sculpture of Atlas holding up the earth repenting his sins against Zeus. To me this picture makes me think of Christ for he died for our sins and Atlas is holding us up on his shoulders for some thing he did but Christ Died for us for what we have done it is similar really.

There are many different stories that tells about Atlas but this one is most accurate from what I can find it comes from the first stories that told of Atlas and how he became the bearer of the heavens and earth.

Atlas was son of the first generations of the Ancient Greek Gods which were the Titans.

Atlas is one of the most well known Titans for many reasons. One is the war that lasted for tens years when he got most of the Titans and many of the gods and goddess to rebel against Zeus. All of the Titans were punished in some fashionable manner that Zeus

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History of Shape-shifting Legends and Folklore

Posted by Roses on February 21, 2012

half man half wolf. also known as the Aswang

Shape shifting, or the act of one species taking on the full or partial form of another for a period of time, has its place in many legends throughout history. Cave drawings discovered in Ariege, France have images of half animal/half human creatures, giving way to the knowledge that these types of legends go back even farther than once thought.  Where did these legends come from?  Indeed why was it believed that either by will or involuntarily, a person could change forms?  With all that we know now of the physical impossibility of such a thing, why do people still believe there are those who may walk normally among the human race that have the ability to take on animal like characteristics?

The legends of shape-shifting are varied as far as the type of animal a person becomes.  In rare cases, the belief for some is so strong that it actually gave birth to a diagnosable condition for those who think they can transform into a …

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