HIM The Angel Of Evil

Posted by Roses on December 29, 2010
Categories: Paranormal


We have all had dreamt of “him”. You know him when you see him you are frighten of him but you are intrigued by him. He is beautiful he is tall about 6’3 very long dark hair, a very old European look and absolutely gorgeous other worldly in fact . He automatically puts you at ease with a smile but there is something absolutely terrifying about him as well. His back can be turned, his head down, he can be sitting on a pew or walking away but you know him and he knows you.

 You want to talk to him, you have to talk to him. When he talks to you its never demanding it just listening like an old friend but the things you tell him you have never told anyone else and he delights in that. He cocks his head to the side smiles and he never stays longer than necessary just enough to unnerve you. Just enough to make you wonder why you told him those things you did. Sometimes he …

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I’m scared

Posted by Roses on December 25, 2010
Categories: Paranormal

I am currently 12, living in a townhouse that is over 100 years old. Everything started happening shortly after getting a cat.Well,about a week after getting a cat strange things would happen after my mom went to bed.I would usually be sitting on my computer playing games and stuff, when all of the sudden my cat would just disappear.

I don’t know where he would go but when he did disappear and I would be all alone, strange things would happen. Some of the things that would happen were like hearing whispers,seeing shadows,and stuff like that.Well one day really strange things started to happen, whenever I would go to bed I would close my door all the way, I made sure my cat was in his room before I went to bed, I would just be watching TV or listening to my MP3 player when my door would open wide stay open for like 2 minutes and close back like somebody had came in and closed the door.

Well every since that it has happened. …

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Don’t be Scared, Just Dealing With It

Posted by Roses on December 21, 2010
Categories: Paranormal

I can not say exactly when it all began, but all I know is that it has been happening as young as I can remember, and now I am in my twenties, and it still happens, I’ll share one of the 100s of unexplained stuff that has happen/happening to me. 

  It all started in the house I grew up in Vancouver BC. I would have the same dream over and over again, so clear, as if I am living this scary movie: 

 I am sleeping in my room, in my bed when the door opens to my room.. It was closed before I went to bed I am thinking, I am glued to my bed, I can not move, talk, all I can do is see and feel scared. I hear it sliding towards me,I am thinking what is happening. The best way to describe it is a person dragging the weight of their own body on the ground with their arms slowly while picking up speed. Than it is at the foot of my …

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Common Misconceptions of Vampires

Posted by Roses on December 19, 2010

After Hollywood, Bram Stoker and Vlad the impaler, it is easy to have misconceptions about vampires. Nothing more than cliché’s, these are a few just to list your misconstrued views.

1) Why is there no evidence of bite marks?

In Romania, a vampire was simply a zombie who stalked and killed in the night. Fangs,and the actual drinking of blood was added by Hollywood. Now some will claim, “I really do drink blood” and there’s a common explanation. PICA – is a food disorder in which a person’s body craves a certain nutrient and will do anything to get it even if it means eating weird things. People have been know to eat chalk for its calcium and since Iron is the number one deficiency in nutrition in which blood contains iron, people will probably drink it to get the Iron.

2) Why is there no evidence or recollections of the previous life?

Common sense has it USA passports were not international until the 1920′s – before then it was not unlawful to travel without …

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The King Of Magic

Posted by Roses on December 17, 2010

A person was born in a beautiful place called The Kingston Gardens. He was the first of many settlers there. Larendeil was 4. He heard the word “Magic” and started to be interested in it. He learned after but wasn’t the greatest sorcerer at 4 of course. He learned well after and became powerful. He was known as The King of Kingston and defeating everybody in swords and magic. He was very handsome. He had sea green eyes and dark brown long hair to the neck. He discovered spiritual worlds like, Warness.

He fought there too. But that was just a first cause. He would be stalked by demons. Demons threaten him. They haunted him while he was sleeping. Seeing that he was a huge threat he wanted to hurt them.

He learned Magic about Demons. Soon he went mad. He entered the Demonic Realm. With the gift of bravery and magic he fought them and killed them. The Lord of the Demons challenged him.

“I will tear you apart” shouted Larendeil bravely!

So they …

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