Norse Mythology History

Posted by Roses on October 31, 2010

Legends of the Nordic and Pre-Nordic people offers an interesting insight into the creation of the world and its history.  Reading the poetic Eddas that were recorded centuries ago are fascinating to say the least, in particular their similarities to other myths and legends, especially Greek myths.

Norse mythology originated out of the Proto North Germanic and Old Scandinavian and Icelandic area during the early centuries AD.  Much of it was passed from generation to generation by the Vikings, however by the time of the 11th century, the mythology was recorded in writings known as the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda, as well as the saga of the old Norse kings called Heimskringla.  The Prose Edda and the Heimskringla were written by a historian from Iceland named Snorri Sturluson in the 13th century.  The author of the oldest collection of writings, the Poetic Edda, is unknown.

What should be noted is that many of these writings were documented after the Christianization of the Nordic peoples, and much of the creation story as well as …

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Haunted Cow Or a Playful Spirit

Posted by Roses on October 23, 2010
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It started with my 12th birthday in March of 2009. I was inviting four of my friends to come over to my sleepover party. Everyone was sure it was going to be a blast – just like last year. But nobody had thought the “blast” part might include a playful ghost!
Just a week before my party, I was lucky enough (yeah, right) to win my school’s magazine drive, my prize – a huge stuffed animal cow! Of course I carried it home with me on the school bus and placed it in my bedroom.
When all of my friends arrived, we watched a movie, had some popcorn, and played the Wii game Guitar Hero – a perfectly normal sleepover party.
I knew that three out of the four of my friends believed in ghosts and spirits and that kind of stuff, and I couldn’t resist temptation of scaring them. So when one of my friends said she was going to get her pajamas in a minute, I slunk silently out of the room. I …

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Only One Experience Ouija Board

Posted by Roses on October 15, 2010
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I’ve had one experience with a Ouija board, and I won’t ever try it again. The reason? I don’t need to.

My experience wasn’t hurtful, angry, or frightening in any way. I know there are a lot of negative stories concerning Ouija boards, but I just wanted to leave one light story to remind everyone that not all Ouija boards want to kill your babies.

My mother, two sisters and I all bought a Ouija board, having stupidly done no research for it. We set it up, and before long, it had started to cooperate.

Now, I’m a total atheist, but the paranormal interests me no end. Do I believe in ghosts or spirits? Hard to say. But when we asked the name of the Ouija board spirit it revealed itself to be a woman named Avril, who’d lived in out house before we did. And she was nice. We asked her a couple of frivolous questions, about how old she was or when she’s died, or whatever. The answers were straightforward, and direct.…

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Pandora The First Woman of Greek Mythology

Posted by Roses on October 7, 2010

Do you wonder some times why we suffer so badly and why there is so much heart ache, blood shed, greed, death, old age and the list goes on and on.

Could there be some type of truth, that is in the legend of Pandora herself and the box or urn that was given to her. The name Pandora means “the one who bares all”. Pithos pandora's box

Today opening Pandora’s box means to create or unleash evil that can not be undone. The Pandora’s box was really a large Urn or jar (pithos) meaning all gifted.

In the Ancient Greek Mythology the First woman to ever walk on Earth was named Pandora and was used as a secret weapon against mankind.

Epimethius and Prometheus were Titans of Olympus was ordered by Lord Zeus to take a special gift to every animal on earth. Epimethius had gotten to the last animal which was mankind and he had nothing left to give to him. Prometheus, was gifted with foresight and with this gift he was able to steal fire …

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