Jimi Hendrix The Legend

Posted by Roses on March 31, 2010

In a few short years in the late 60′s, Jimi Hendrix’s talent not only gained him a huge following of fans, it would live on to capture fans of generations to come! Often called the greatest guitarist in rock history, Hendrix was one the most influential musicians of the 20th century!

Johnny Allen Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942 at King County Hospital in Seattle. He was raised by his father who later changed his name to James Marshall Hendrix in 1946.

The long hard road to superstardom started when Hendrix was eight years old. With a passion for music the young boy would strum a broom to the imaginary sounds burning deep in his soul!

His first real musical instrument was an old ukulele with one string that his father had found! In the summer of 1958, his father bought him a five dollar guitar. With no money for guitar lessons, Hendrix taught himself to play while listening to the music!

Before long Hendrix had joined his first band, The Velvetones. After playing …

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Could It Could Be A Gift?

Posted by Roses on March 29, 2010
Categories: Paranormal

I was reading a story on here earlier and I had experienced the same thing the other writer did. I’m not sure if this is a gift I have or if I could possibly be losing my sanity.

I’m not sure why, but I have deja vue all the time and I know exactly what you’re thinking right now; “Well you aren’t the only one.” But, it’s incredibly weird. It seems that I can predict what’s going to happen or what people are feeling.

For example, my friend once was telling me a story that had just happened to her and I was like, “Yeah, yeah I know, I know. You were walking home with your cousin and you passed a few guys on the street and they started following you.”

She was quiet for a second, just giving me a blank stare. I looked at her questionably and asked, “What’s wrong?” She shook her head. “Nothing..just..did Amanda tell you this already?” I shook my head. “No…you already told me this though.”

She continued to …

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Health Facts

Posted by Roses on March 27, 2010

It was in 1945  when the US did the atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,  Japan. 65 years later, and  people are  dying from the radiation to this day.

Are you a smoker?   Do you feel well rested after a nights sleep? It has been proven that smokers feel up to four times more unrested  after a full nights sleep than one who doesn’t  smoke. Wow!   I need to quit smoking. I deal with kids and I need some good sleep.

Allergy advice:  By simply rinsing your nose out with lukewarm  salt water every day, you can help  keep your immune system up.   It  is said to help ward off those terrible allergies.

Pain medications are not as good as having sex.
Sex is a great pain reliever and happens to be ten time more powerful then Valium. Sex can also help to bring fevers down due to the sweat that is worked. The reason for this is right before a person has a orgasm the hormone oxygen goes up to about five times the …

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The Greek Goddess of love: Aphrodite

Posted by Roses on March 25, 2010

When most people hear the name Aphrodite they think of love and beauty. Usually negative thoughts wouldn’t appear since typically love and beauty are positive qualities and possessions, but that is exactly the way that the Greek goddess of love is remembered. Being in the center of many controversies, it is a surprise as to why majority of people do not know the truth behind this scandalous goddess.

There are two different stories as to how the goddess Aphrodite was born. It is often said that she was born from the sea-foam in the ocean. Yet a less common version comes from Homer that states that Aphrodite was the daughter of Zues and Dione. The fact she was born an adult makes the first of the two situations more probable. Even though she had no childhood she often was childish and vain. Her vanity is even said to be the start of the infamous Trojan War.

Despite all her beauty that she was naturally given, she was given away for marriage to the least attractive …

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Animal facts Trivia

Posted by Roses on March 21, 2010

In the Guinness Book of World Records the largest dog that was ever recorded was in 1989 who was named Aicama Zorba of La-Susa was an eight foot and three inches and weighing in at over 343 pound English Mastiff.

Zorbra was from London, England is no longer in the Guinness Book due her death but there has never been another one to take her place yet. Now that is a big dog I wounder if this is where they got the ideal for Clifford the Big red dog for children?

Well we have the largest dog so how about the smallest dog now.
This little thing only measures in at 6 inches that is from his tail to his nose. It is a chihuahua. Can you just think how small it would look against Zorbra?

Click on the picture and read how big this little girl is.

I think these types of breeds well all Chihuahua’s really looks like rats for some reason and are most of the time mean. If they had the …

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Evil Spirits and a Scary Slumber Party

Posted by Roses on March 19, 2010

I’ve had a quite a few possible paranormal experiences throughout my life, starting when I was as young as three. Most of which can be easily explained away by some mundane explanation or other. But the story I’m about to share is one that I have yet to find any rational explanation for, and that is why I’m posting it here. I’m hoping someone reading this will be able to tell me exactly what might have happened. Don’t get me wrong, I think I may already know what happened but I’d like to get some sort of a verification from someone who knows more about the paranormal.

Before I begin I’d like to mention that I’ve changed the names of everyone in this story, including my own, because I don’t want this story to haunt me ’til the day I die (pun not necessarily intended).

The beginning of my senior year of high school I had a falling out with my group of friends. Even though I had been close to those girls for roughly …

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A Hotel Haunting Or So I Think

Posted by Roses on March 19, 2010

It was a school trip and we all had to stay in a hotel. We were all so excited. We only spent one night there, but the night felt like 3 nights.

“Come on children, off too bed!” the teacher yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Then, in the middle of the night, “Help!” I heard screaming and crying. “What the in the world was that?” me and my friend, Jordan, stepped outside of our room, nearly the whole year was outside, all crying. The teacher came up and told us to get back to bed. then again, we heard tapping on the doors and windows. But the weird thing was, all the doors were acting weird, opening then shutting. I starting screaming. Then the windows were tapping and then my friends bed sheet got pulled off. “What the..?” He yelled then I passed out. I woke up, walked into the dining area. Everyone was there. All stained with tears and bags under their eyes. I sat down with my friends. “What was going …

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Don’t Even Whisper Bloody Mary!

Posted by Roses on March 15, 2010
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A couple Internet friends and I were telling stories on December 22 2009, and one of them got this super long Bloody Mary story. The suspense and terror was nearly enough to kill me! I love scary stories so I decided to whisper it as I read it to make even more scary.

I got to the point where the characters in the story said “Bloody Mary” 6 times, I imagined my self spinning every time they said the name. About 10 minutes later I had this sensation that something was on my head, I figured it was just my headband. Then I thought ” Wait, didn’t I just take that headband off?” Then I felt something wet and warm dripping down my head and piercing pain. This was not a fun scary, this was terrible!

I spun my head around to see that a green fog/haze seemed to be lurking behind me. I tried to scream but it seemed as if I couldn’t. I looked back at my screen only to find that every …

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Gold Coins from Around the World

Posted by Roses on March 13, 2010

Coins are just one of the many relics of a civilization, the economy in which the people have learned to trade and grow, to count and spend.  Collecting gold coins from around the world has become a hobby that has brought collectors far into the history of a certain country that many have even invested in gold by buying and selling them over the Internet to interested traders.  Some are familiar with the British sovereign, the French angel, the American gold eagle, and the rest, which are just some of the most popular gold coins ever to be issued and created in the history of man.

Those who collect gold coins from around the world also perform this trade in order to gain profit.  The value of gold coins rises along with the price of gold, wherein investors can earn by selling historic gold coins from around the world.  However these investors can also profit massively as the premium over gold’s value rises as well, which explains the interested parties in the collection of gold …

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Grand Funk Railroad

Posted by Roses on March 11, 2010

Grand Funk Railroad’s early days were met with a love-hate attitude. Their many fans loved them, but the press seemed to almost hated them! A bad choice in managers was most likely the cause of the press’ intolerance of the band.

Knight’s take on the media, was that any publicity whether it was good or bad, was better than no publicity at all. He’d told the band members that the press would write about them just as much if they hated them as they would if they like them!

Their manager, Terry Knight, was a local D.J. in Flint Michigan. He’d left the radio business to get into music and became lead singer for “The Jazz Masters”. Other members of the band included, Don Brewer on drums and Mark Farner on bass. Eventually Knight left the band and landed a job at Capital Records.

In 1968, Brewer and Farner decided to strike out on their own and form a band. Bass player Mel Schacher was asked to join and the group called themselves “Grand Funk …

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