Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 16

Posted by Roses on December 31, 2009

When my second husband and I were courting – he lived in an ‘Army House’ on the other side of town from where I now lived. It was a lovely bright modern house but I was instantly aware of the ‘ol someone moving out of the corner of my eye trick that had also plagued my mother’s house (ironically only five minutes away!). It was never too intrusive and kept its distance but I saw enough to know it was definitely male by its build, taller than my fiancé, had very short hair and broad shoulders.

As we were only courting, I wasn’t too sure how my then boyfriend would take the news he seemed to have ‘someone’ in his house but I was honest and just told him how I saw it. I didn’t see it as a fearful situation, the ‘person’ was in no hurry to make themselves known. They weren’t “doing” anything – they were just ‘there’ in the background.

On more than one occasion standing in the kitchen I would THINK …

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Haunted Manor House in Williamsburg Virginia

Posted by Roses on December 29, 2009

This summer my friends Corinne and Derek and I stayed at a resort. It was awfully nice and the rooms were great. Each family got a two story suite.

We had decided to take a long walk on the way to the pool. About mid-way there we stopped and saw this huge mansion. It was worn with age but it was yet beautiful. Corinne’s face was blank as we walked toward it. “This is the Manor House,” she said, “I saw it in a brochure at the check-in house. This house is haunted and whoever walks through the gate is cursed.”

I quickly grabbed Derek’s shirt, he was only half a step away from walking in. I have always believed in ghosts from many personal experiences. So we agreed to go straight to the pool to avoid anything scary happening. As I was turning around to walk I saw an old lady with a Bonnet on her head wearing pilgrim like clothing. She smirked at us and walked away from the window. I jumped and …

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The Killer Hands that Killed My Best Friend

Posted by Roses on December 25, 2009
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This happened to my closest friend, I guess I can’t see her anymore.

Me and my friend were on a school field trip to Oldham we went to this pantomime place and my friend had relatives there and she told me to follow her, so we sneaked out of the pantomime and I followed her.

We were at this bridge we went through it and it had pictures of hands all over it.

We went to her cousins house and her auntie made us some noodles but then we had to go. So we went back through the  bridge but this time my friend said that she didn’t want to go back because she wanted to remember this trip. So she said why not draw on the hands to show that we were here, but I told her there’s no point we might as well go quick before we get caught.

But she got a black marker out of her jeans and started to graffiti one of the hands, then she started to draw on …

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The Ghost that was called HIM by others

Posted by Roses on December 24, 2009
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I was 9 at the time this happened. I can still remember every detail.
My mom was sleeping, leaving my older brother Matt to watch me. My dad had died when I was 2, so my mom worked 2 jobs and was tired when she got home.

I was in my room playing ds when I heard a clicking noise coming from my closet.  My closet was a walk in, so I could place many of my video games and such in it. I figured my dog, Scruffy, had licked some headphones again. But when I went to look, all of my electronics were on my shelfs.

I ignored the noise and continued playing. Soon after, I suddenly ran to the bathroom and threw up. This was strange because I didn’t get sick often, and I hadn’t eaten anything all day. When Matt took my temperature, I was perfectly normal.

I just figured I had sniffed something I was a bad reaction  too and this was my reaction. I went to my room and for …

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The Ghost of Mr T Watches Over Us

Posted by Roses on December 23, 2009
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When I was younger, I don’t even remember how young, other than that I was younger than 8, my older sister, my two cousins (that were siblings) and I were very close. We often had sleepovers, even though one of my cousins was a guy, and the rest of us were girls.

Well, we were having one of those sleepovers, at their house, where we would all sprawl across their fold out mattresses in their big living room, and watch Mighty Ducks until we fell asleep. As usual, I was the last person to fall asleep, but this time was different. I had watched all of Mighty Ducks, even though I had seen it so many times already, and checked the clock at least twice. The last time I had checked the clock, it was past 1 AM, I think. When I finally happened to fall asleep, I only got about 5 or 6 hours of sleep, because as always, we wanted to get breakfast (which their mom was a master at making!).

That day, …

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A Little Wildflower that will Haunt Me Forever

Posted by Roses on December 22, 2009
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First let me make it clear that I don’t believe in ghosts or demons or other such thing. I am a fairly sensible man of forty seven who has never had any fear of dark places or being alone anywhere at anytime of the day or night. For me, the fact that after all these years no indisputable evidence of the existence of ghosts has yet appeared, makes it seem very unlikely they do in fact exist. However, there are obviously mysteries and strange occurrences in this world of ours and one area that has always interested me are dreams. This is simply because sometimes my dreams are very vivid and lifelike and at times I am almost certain I have experienced something in a dream that has subsequently come true, but I am never completely sure. But one strange dream I had some years ago has kept me wondering ever since and I am no nearer to understanding how and why it happened… all thanks to a tiny wild spring flower.

My, and I …

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Ghost at the End of the Bed

Posted by Roses on December 20, 2009
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May 23, 2009 my friends and I were trying to have a normal, Girly sleepover. For us a normal sleepover is  watching scary movies, Telling ghost stories, talking about boys, and silly things like that!

But our neighborhood is something different. It was said that our neighborhood was built on an old burial ground. Up the street they had a portion of it left surrounded by a black fence, in which they had a few graves left.

My house is said to be the most ” haunted” you can hear footsteps once in a while when everyone is asleep, and sometimes in the corner of your eye you can “see” things. That was why my house was so interesting.

Well, the night started out with me, Jessica, Lynn, and Danielle. We came to my house and ate some crappy food. The we went downstairs and watched 2 or 3 movies. In my basement, there is a spare room with two large double doors and a king-sized bed that we were going to sleep in. What …

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The Gate that Opens On It’s Own

Posted by Roses on December 19, 2009
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Jess and I have been friends our whole life and when this happen we were 12. We were hanging out with our boy friends and we were playing man-hunt with them and our cousin Twig and Nick’s sister Rohl  (Nick’s sister).
We had taken a little break in Jessica s garage when we heard some weird noises and a cold breeze every once in a while but we didn’t care cause we thought we were safe in the garage. We sat there and all of the sudden Twigs cell phone was thrown across the room. We thought that Twig was pulling a trick. We got a little freaked out because you know would not anyone be thinking what is he trying to do here scare us?

The boys and Rohl got called home so they went home. Tristen, Jess and Twig went back to the house. On a path that the boys and Rohl took they had to pass a little fence that had a gate. About an hour later they called back and said …

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Creepy Footsteps

Posted by Roses on December 16, 2009
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I was in the 4th grade, now I am in the 6th grade. This is one of my true stories about my old house in Honesdale, PA.

It was a normal day, sunny, warm and in the summer. My dad drove me to school, and my brother Alex, but in the evening of the day at school, my brother wasn’t feeling too well, and the school nurse decided to send him home to my dad. So my dad came home from his work early to come pick him up, I obviously stayed at school, and he took him home.

When they arrived at my dad’s house, they relaxed on the couch and my dad got Alex some cold medicine. At that time, our cat, Shaggy, was on the couch with my dad and Alex while our dog, Butchey, was on his bed in front of the fire place sleeping. My step mom, Dane, was at her work.

It was about 11:00 when my dad and brother heard a noise of what sounded like someone walking …

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The Truth Behind the Story of Emily Rose and Anneliese Michele

Posted by Roses on December 15, 2009

Anneliese Michele was a devout Catholic girl, was she to extreme in her religion? She felt she had to suffer for the sins of priests and others by sleeping on a bare floor in the winter. She was trying to make up for the sins of her mother (a child out of wedlock) and for her sister dying at a young age. Why would a demon attack someone so devoted to God? We always hear about demons attacking those who invite them or those who are into drugs, alcohol, and those filled with negative thoughts.

When we look at what Anneliese Michele went through we see a long, compounding series of mistakes.

First, by doctors for not catching the multiple personality disorder, and later by the Church, her parents and the priest.

We see no one caught the similarities between her situation and the movie The Exorcist which she had seen.

When Anneliese was 23 years old in 1975, she went on a pilgrimage. It was on this pilgrimage that an accompanying older woman concluded …

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