Could Dragons Have Been Dinosaurs?

Posted by Roses on July 1, 2014

We have heard about Dragons for thousands of years and they are so mystical. This is to keep the magic alive and we all know that children loves the thought of magical dragons,  This picture and others alike is what comes to our minds when we hear the word dragon. That is only because it has been burnt into our minds and of course we know that they don’t really exists or do they?

The Black Dragon

The Black Dragon


We all know about dragons and have grown up with them in story books and movies but were they real and if so could they have been Dinosaurs?

This is another myth that I believe has much truth behind it and now there seems to be proof that these dragons that we know of today were Dinosaurs but they did not breath fire of the such, that was just added in to make them seem more magical just like the unicorns being all powerful and magical.

All of the lands on the Earth has legends of dragons. …

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The Eternal Mystery of the Great Pyramids

Posted by Roses on June 21, 2014
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Often in my life I have wondered about the great pyramids of Egypt. Whenever I saw photos or watched documentaries about them they seemed like they were out of place, not part of the particular time that they were built.

The long accepted theory was the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, with a work force of thousands, and 20 or so years of effort. I have always found it hard to believe that the ancient Egyptians constructed them, given the nature of the technology available at that time in history.

To build structures such as the pyramids with such precision would require far more sophisticated tools then the ancients had 4,000 years ago.

he Great Pyramids

The Great Pyramids

Zahi Hawass, the famous Egyptologist and former curator of antiquities has often scoffed at ideas that the pyramids were constructed by extraterrestrials or by a super civilization in ancient history. However the evidence points to the contrary. It seems unlikely with the technology that the ancient Egyptians had, that such structures as the pyramids could have been built in

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Animal Spirit Guide – Owl Wisdom – The Shadow Masters

Posted by Roses on June 20, 2014
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Darkness is no obstacle
as I have enough light inside
to see through the illusion.
Metaphysical Meaning

Psychic Energy, Independence, Wisdom, Third Eye, Spirituality, Protection, Intuition, Supernatural Power, Connection with Night time and the Moon, Mystery, Magic, Secrets, Intelligence, Transition, Telepathy, Afterlife.

The Owl & Spiritual Symbolism

All Seeing Owl

All Seeing Owl

Spiritual Owl ( Night Eagle ) has the ability to protect us psychically and physically, by warding off demon spirits. Owl’s x-ray vision eye’s allows him to see in and through the darkness, and beyond the veil, into the world of spirit.

Shamans ask for and shape shift into Owl for his guidance and channel to speak to the dead. Warning though, just like people the Owl’s come in many different shades, a dark magician for instance may only work with a dark owl, and a white magician only an owl of light. Owl acts as messenger for the well versed shaman to make the connection between the worlds of the living and the dead.

The original Bavarian illuminati’s symbol is one of the all …

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Featuring: Joy Focused Learning For Homeschoolers

Posted by Roses on March 12, 2014

From the time I have been homeschooling I have been looking for other mothers that home school. I found many on no other place then Facebook. All of the home schooling parents that I have spoken with or read some thing from them are super cool and very helpful in so many ways.

There are so many home schooling groups on Facebook and all are helpful but as of recently I have came across one of the most amazing person in the home school area. She works hard at helping all of us out there.

AngelaHer name is Angela Bennett.
Angela is the owner and author of Joy Focused Learning. She is a mother to one amazing little girl. Angela is blessed to be married to a wonderful man who works hard so that they can home-school. At Joy Focused Learning you will find resources, ideas and printable s to help add joy to your home-school!
Her vision for her child’s education is that she finds joy in learning. Angela writes about their homeschooling …

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Pros And Freedoms To Home Schooling Your Children

Posted by Roses on February 3, 2014

homeschool2First of all, No one wants to have a certain time to go to bed, especially kids and no one enjoys getting up early in the morning, having any wheres from 15 to 30 minutes to get completely woken up dressed then gather all of their things up and head out in the cold or rain waiting for a bus or being driven to school to start the days all over again.

Next, all kids would love to be able to be in their PJ’s and do school work in the comfort of their own home.  Also this is a proven fact your child(ren) are 100% more rested then when they are in public school. When in public school they have to go to bed at a certain time and get up at a certain five days a week. Making them more tiered then ever.

Now Days it is 100 times easier to get access to learning materials for all ages. It is so easy to search for educational things online and a lot of …

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Why Do We Think This Way About Death

Posted by Roses on January 29, 2014

So many things have made me think of this, one song that really made me think of this is no other than a song by Larry Cordle titled Gone On Before, this song is about him having a dream about his mother and she tells him that she is with Jesus and all is wonderful.  Here is what I think about that, it is a beautiful song and having a dream about a loved one being safe and with god makes you OK with their death but every one thinks that when a loved one dies he or she goes to heaven. People believe in God so much that is what they all think will happen and so on. I do believe in God and Jesus very much but not a holy person for I question lots of things and every thing.

Death Waiting to take his prize

Death Waiting to take his prize

My thoughts on this is that we are brained washed to believe this and it is stuck in our heads so much that we dream of …

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Christmas At Mystical Aunt Amy’s

Posted by Roses on December 17, 2013

My two siblings and I always spent part of Christmas Eve at Aunt Amy’s… the
most mystical woman I have ever known.

Aunt Amy’s wonderful white washed cottage, sat beside a brook. On the
riverbank, a majestic weeping willow bowed its branches over her very
special bench. This had been made as a memorial to her beautiful retriever,
Lion King.

We always approached the cottage with the usual feelings of excitement and
trepidation. As we knocked on Aunt Amy’s door, she was hardly ever there to
greet us… the door just creaked open into a long, dark hallway, where the
sound of ticking could be heard from a tall, solemn clock on the wall. Aunt
Amy did her very best to make us feel like we were in a horror movie and it

I remember the smell… cinnamon! Aunt Amy would always light the joss sticks
just before we arrived.

We walked with feelings of nervous splendor into the hallway and then slowly
we pushed the lounge door open. There she would be… sat …

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Ohm Originals Made In the USA

Posted by Roses on February 10, 2013
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Home Made items seems to be rare now days but a lot more people makes home made items more than most people realize. It is just that what you find in the store is easy but the saddest thing is that what you buy in the stores are made in Chine by slaves for very small amounts of money and we send our money and our resources over there to buy the cheap stuff they make. We could better America so much if we just look around us and buy from Americans that makes home made items which is better quality and made with pride.

We would stimulate the economy and help USA so much by buying from local Americans as well as helping our fellow American people.

Things like this was all around back in the early 1900′s and further back and now days people are just lazy and would rather go to wal-marts and buy junk. Not only are home made products made better but they are cheaper as well if you look …

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T.I.L.T.(Things I Love Thursday) 10

Posted by Roses on June 28, 2012

Gregory Peck (The Blue and the Gray, 1982)

T.I.L.T.(Things I Love Thursday): the crooked hearts on my hand-drawn Mother’s Day card I just got; marcasite jewelry; handbags made of soft, supple leather; playing Hello Kitty Monopoly with my girl; men who enjoy cooking; old-fashioned, apple, stack cake; the time I went to an outdoor Jethro Tull concert and got so excited at the flute music that I embarrassed my guy-friends; Gregory Peck’s portrayal of Lincoln; a dog’s “grin,” and psychedelic, fuzzy socks.

Written by Debbie Hoskins Dunaway 2012 she also does her stuff on


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T.I.L.T.(Things I Love Thursday) 9

Posted by Roses on June 21, 2012

T.I.L.T.(Things I Love Thursday): anticipating The Hatfield”s and McCoy”s coming out on DVD; making something beautiful and useful out of other people’s throw-a ways; panda bears; catching a rare glimpse of bluebirds from my back porch; my girl’s framed works of “puzzle art” hanging in my den; the “look” you can only get from a golden retriever; beefsteak tomatoes, still warm from the garden; driving to work on a cool morning with the windows down, getting story ideas from the characters in my life.


Written by Debbie Hoskins Dunaway 2012 she also does her stuff on

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